Having the chance to live in the Arctic was probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. However, if you judge a city by its weather conditions and available sunlight in winter, probably Tromso is not an appropriate place to visit.  But this is a place where you can enjoy nature and its limitless beauty to the fullest extent possible.

I spent four months on this wonderful small island and each day was a pleasant adventure and a new discovery.

In Tromso you can enjoy the silence of snow, admire the most beautiful “light show” – the northern lights (Aurora Borealis), go hiking, enjoy the breathtaking views and fjords,  and live a peaceful and calm life.



Arctic Cathedral built in 1965 – the most famous landmark in Tromso


Norway’s oldest cinema – built in 1915


Breathtaking fjords – “the soul of Norway”


Small island of Tromsoya connected to the mainland by the Tromso Bridge


Colorful wooden houses


There is something magic about Arctic sunset

tromso 2

Breathtaking, isn’t it?

tromso 4

One more beautiful sunset…

tromso 5
Spectacular Tromso – Gateway to the Arctic


Here you realize that being close to nature is a major key to happiness

tromso 3

Snow in Tromso


Tromso – “Paris of the North”

northern lights

When the northern lights start dancing in the sky and you start listening to the silence, you get the feeling that the universe is one big miracle and there is nothing more beautiful, nor more mesmerizing than the natural world and its limitless possibilities